October 20, 2022

October '22 Library Update

I realize it's only October 20, but the way the days fall I need to go ahead and do this library update now. The interesting thing is that I even have anything to report. Last month, the wasn't anything happening on my library account.


Snake Falls to Earth

A Snake Falls to Earth by Darcie Little Badger - This is a middle grade novel about a girl and a monster and their worlds colliding. I am making a video about it for November. It also fulfills one of the Read Harder challenge prompts.


Dinner in One

Dinner in One: Exceptional and Easy One-Pan Meals: A Cookbook by Melissa Clark - In my house, we like recipes that use as little cookware as possible since we are decidedly NOT timely at doing the dishes. But, I'm not interested in buying a whole cookbook without taking it for a test drive, first. Those things are expensive!

Legends and Lattes

Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree - I'm really stoked about this one. It's about an orc that retires from the mercenary life and moves to a town that has never seen coffee to open a coffee shop. This is cozy-fantasy the way the Monk and Robot series is a cozy-sci-fi. Very small stakes and no major political shenanigans or big adventures. I am number 11 on the list, but the library have only bought 3 copies, so I'll be waiting. It comes out November 8.

Going Rogue

Going Rogue: Rise and Shine Twenty-Nine by Janet Evanovich - It is nearly time for the next Stephanie Plum book! I comes out on November 1, but I am number 212 on the list, so I'm sure it will be well into December before I get a copy.

I've gotten more picky about my reserves at the library because I am getting NetGalley ARCs. I am having to be realistic about which ARCs I request also because I really want to concentrate on reading the books on my shelves. I only have so much reading time so I have to spend it wisely.