December 8, 2022

How I've Been Reading Lately

A more accurate title would probably be How I've NOT Been Reading Lately. There have been at least 3 days in the last week that I didn't read AT ALL. And Monday, I only read a couple of magazine articles. Ugh.

I'm not sure what the deal is. I'm not in love with the books I'm reading, but I also don't really want to read anything else. I'm trying to finish up the two books I need to read to finish the Book Riot - Read Harder Challenge. It got to the point last weekend where I would read a chapter in one, then switch to the other book and read a chapter there. Back and forth. Until I fell asleep. I didn't get very far in either book.

Today, I sat down with an hour to read and read about 50 pages in one of the books. I'm still only 28% through. I thought this would be an easier read.

I look at all the other books on my TBR for December, and nothing calls out to me. I just am not in the mood to read. I think even if my Janet Evanovich book came in right now, I'd have trouble getting into it.

This, too, shall pass, but right now it's extremely annoying.