December 20, 2022

2023 Reading Goals

It may be a little early to start talking about 2023 goals, but my next two weeks are going to be really busy. I've already got them fixed, so here they are.



READ 30,000 PAGES - For the past however many years I've measure my reading by number of books. This is how Goodreads does it. It's easy to keep tabs on it. However, I want to read a lot of large books that are on my 50 by 50 list, so it makes sense to take the pressure off by counting number of pages instead of number of books. I will set my Goodreads goal to 50 because I feel like that is an easily attainable goal that will still keep me accountable. I also have a spreadsheet I fill in with each book. It tracks pages read and I can configure it to tell me how many pages I've read in a month.  I have a page in my journal to track pages read. It looks like a little page with little squares along it. Every time I read 500 pages, I put a heart sticker on the next square.  


FINISH THE 50 BY 50 CHALLENGE - I officially read 25 of the books on this list, so I'm right on track. Actually, I DNFed one book because I started reading it and I really, really hated it. Anyway, there are 25 books left on the list. Totally doable. I have a few pages for this in my reading journal, of course. There is a list of the books from the list that I read last year. Then a checklist with all the rest of the books I have left to read.


READ 50 BOOKS FROM MY PHYSICAL SHELF - I have 360 books on my actual, real-life, physical shelves. I plan to read 50 books off those those shelves in 2023. This is not the same as the 50 by 50 challenge. While many of those books are on my physical TBR shelves, not all of them are. So, on top of reading those 50 books, I will have to read more books from my shelves to reach this goal. I have another page in my book journal for this. There are 50 numbered boxes and every time I read a book from my shelves I put a heart sticker in the box. These boxes are larger so their hearts are also larger.


READ 6 WORK-RELATED BOOKS - 2 of my work goals for the next year include reading books.  3 are for leadership/management and 3 are for learning about other cultures through nonfiction literature. Leave it to me to have goals that include reading. Something I can probably manage. On my goals page in my reading journal, I have six boxes that will get a small heart when I read a book for this goal. These hearts are even smaller than the hearts for the 30,000 pages goal. I have a lot of heart stickers.

  Anyway, those are my 2023 reading goals. Tune in tomorrow to find out how I'm planning to create TBRs next year.