December 21, 2022

2023 Reading Plans


For the last few months (ok, maybe 6 or 8) I have been flailing a bit when setting up my TBRs for each month. Some months it works and read everything on the list, plus some. Some months not so much. Recently, I've been thinking about how I want to build my TBR lists in the new year.

I started by deciding on my goals. I want to read books off my shelves. I want to read the books on my 50 by 50 list. I want to read NetGalley Arcs before they are released. I don't want to pick the books at random. I want a little structure. And a little fun.

So I'm bringing back the TBR Deck Game. I am going through my prompts from previous versions of the game and weeding out ones that are no longer relevant. I even have a brand new deck of cards.

First I will make a list of which NetGalley books I need to read. Then I will play the game. If a NetGalley book fits a prompt, hooray! That book goes on the TBR. If not, I move on to my 50 by 50 list. If I get a winner there, yay! If I still don't have a hit, I will move on to my books on my actual shelves to see if I can get one there. Surely, that will get me a match. There are a lot of books on those shelves, honestly.

This is the plan. Check back next week when I post my TBR to see how it goes.