January 20, 2023

Friday Reads 1/20/2023

I'm so sorry I've neglected you all week! It has been straight loony toons around here, and I just had no time. But I am here now, to tell you my reading plans for the week.

I don't know what's up with me, but I don't have any interest in reading the books on my TBR for January, so I may through it out the window and read at Whim.


The Bodyguard by Katherine Center - I started this one Wednesday and I'm enjoying it so far. Hannah's mother just died, but she's fine. They weren't that close anyway. And her boyfriend broke up with her the day after the funeral. Now she just wants to get back to work, which incidentally, is where her ex also works. They are Executive Protection Agents. Bodyguards. And they are both vying for the new spot at a London branch. Hannah gets assigned to be the agent for an A-List actor who is staying in Houston to be with his mother while she goes through breast cancer treatment. Hannah doesn't want to stay in Houston. She wants to get out. The way I understand it, she ends up having to pretend to be his girlfriend so his family doesn't know he has a stalker and needs a bodyguard.


Spare by Prince Harry - I hadn't planned to be on the wagon for this book, but a copy came through the library today without holds, so I grabbed it. It's not as big as I expected. It's only 407 pages.


Perestroika In Paris by Jane Smiley - My sister just read this recently and recommended it. She doesn't often tell me she thinks I would like a book she's read. I thought about the book for a few days and decided to just go ahead and request it from the library. It came in today. It's about a horse that gets loose in Paris and makes some animal friends.

That's probably all for this week. Talk about going off script!