January 28, 2023

Friday Reads 1/28/23

Yeah, I don't know what day it is anymore. Making this post completely slipped my mind yesterday. Anyway, here it is.


Spare by Prince Harry - I only have 50 pages of this left. I plan to finish it tonight. So far, the last section is my least favorite. But I'll save all my thoughts for the review.

Vamire Weekend

Vampire Weekend by Mike Chen - I have this one in an Advance Reader Copy from NetGalley. It comes out on Tuesday, and I hope to fly through it and get it reviewed before then. Crossing fingers.

After these two, I have no idea what I will pick up. There are two books coming out in February I have ARCs for, but they both come out at the end of the month, so there's no huge hurry. Although one of those books is nearly 900 pages long. Oof.