March 1, 2023

Friends Faves!

Today's Top 5 Wednesday topic is Friends Pick. I asked Facebook for my friends' favorites and boy did I get them! My friends are diversely- and well-read. I'm not even sure how to choose which to post. I'll just post them all. Forget Top 5!

Watership Down

Never read past the first chapter. Too many rabbit deaths.


Haven't read it. I don't have the bandwidth emotionally.

Tree in Brooklyn

This is great. I've read it a couple of times.


Not happening. I like to sleep at night.


This is actually on my TBR!

no fucks

In case you haven't heard, the title of my memoir is I Have That Book But I Haven't Read It. This is one of those books.


Loved Emma Bull's Territory. Never heard of this one.


I like most of what Gaiman writes. This is no exception.

Fifth Season

Another book I own, but haven't read.

Summer of the Monkeys

The person who recommended this is a childhood friend and this book reminds me of climbing over fences to play in each others' yards.


Own this one, too. Haven't read it. My copy has been read at least once by the person who recommended this. He even gave it back!

Little Life

I will most likely never read this. I love myself too much.


I had never heard of this. It is a holocaust book. Gird your loins and grab your tissues.


I have never head of this one either, but that is not a surprise based on who recommended it. He would, of course, recommend a book that looks bizarre.


I assume this is the one he meant. It's Lovecraft. He is a fan.


The person who recommended this is an author and I see parallels between his writing and McCarthy, so I'm not shocked.

Sam Hell

The person who recommended this has been pestering me to read it for actual years. I'm a terrible friend.

Look Homeward

I have heard of this, but never read it. I get this author confused with Tom Wolfe (for obvious reasons).


Here's one I've read! Probably most people have.

These are the ones listed at the time of this posting. I have omitted names to protect the guilty. What an interesting list! I have great friends.