March 17, 2023

Friday Reads 3/17/23

Well here we are. I haven't really known what day it is all week, but I know today is Friday. I'm doing at least a little reading every day, but it's all over the place. Let's review.


Roses by Leila Meacham - No surprise here. Still working on it a little bit each week. I read until I'm too anxious for the characters and then I put it down until I forget what is happening. I let my anxiety calm down. Then I can read a bit more. It is pretty dramatic.

Crescent City

House of Earth and Blood  by Sarah J. Maas - I have passed the halfway point on this one. I thought this was a fantasy romance book, but it is also a mystery and I am really liking that addition. I like what's going on, even if it does get a little gory in places.


News of a Kidnapping by Gabriel Garcia Marquez - This one lives in my desk at work and I read 5-10 pages during lunch. When it gets closer to its due date I will buckle down and focus on it.

Hollow Fires

Hollow Fires by Samira Ahmed - This one is actually due back today, but I won't be back at work until Sunday, so I'm going to try to blaze through it before then. It's almost 400 pages long, but it's YA so there's a chance I can do it.

I don't foresee getting to any other books this week unless I get a wild hair and pick up one of the zillions of library books I seem to be acquiring. I really need to get busy and read the books already on my shelves, my yearly goals are falling way behind because I'm not reading those. That is a future Adrienne problem. Not a today Adrienne problem. Ha!