March 23, 2023

March 2023 Library Update

We are nearing the end of March and my library account has blown up. Grab a snack and a cup of tea and settle in. We're here for the duration.

Checked Out


Perestroika in Paris by Jane Smiley - Oops. I forgot I still have this. I fully intended to read this before now, but other things took higher precedence. You'll see.

No Good Men

No Good Men Among the Living by Anand Gopal - This is the last of my books for one of my work goals. Once again, it is sitting here waiting its turn.

Final Gambit

The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes - I am finally reading this one! It's due Saturday, but I'm only a quarter through it. It may end up being late, but I'm giving it the old college try.


News of a Kidnapping by Gabriel Garcia Marquez - I am reading this one a little here and there at work. It is another book for my work goal to read books from other cultures. I just realized I've already read 2 books, I'm reading this one, and I have the Syrian one. That's more than my goal requires. Woohoo!

First Thing

The First Thing About You by Chaz Hayden - Now we are getting into all the Sequoyah books for next year. I've read 2. I've requested the rest. This one centers on a high school boy with a disability that confines him too a wheelchair. Determined not to be the "kid in the chair" he has a list of conversation topics to help smooth the transition. He also has a nurse with a past.


Message Not Found by Dante Medina - Well this one ought to freak out everyone. Bailey's best friend Vanessa died driving off a cliff one night. In her grief, Bailey feeds an AI all their previous text messages and chats and feels like she's really talking to Vanessa. But then the AI starts saying things that make it sound like Vanessa had big secrets that may have led to her death. Sequoyah.


Jumper by Melanie Crowder - Somehow this 19-year-old girl has joined a wildfire fighter group with the Forest Service. During a particularly devastating year, the service calls for a new training group of smokejumpers. The smokejumpers are the ones who parachute into the middle of a wildfire to attack the fire from the inside. Nobody expects Blair to make it through the first week of training, but she hates being told she can't do something. What could go wrong? Sequoyah.


I Must Betray You by Ruta Sepetys - Sepetys writes amazing historical fiction. Sometimes about WWII, but there have been others. This one is about a teen living in Ceausescu's Romania while Communism is failing all over Eastern Europe. Cristian is forced to become a spy, so he becomes a double agent for the revolution. Sequoyah.


Alone Out Here by Riley Redgate - Here's something we don't see on the Sequoyah list very often: YA SciFi. Like hard, space SciFi. In this one a group of teens is accidentally yeeted into space and have to figure out how to find a habitable planet and keep themselves sane. Sequoyah.


Mere Mortals by Erin Jade Lange - In this one, two teenage vampires (who are actually 100 years old) get booted from the vampire world and are now forced to live as humans. This means high school – Horrors!!! It turns out not to be so bad, but Charlie would do anything to get back to being a vampire. Wouldn't she? Sequoyah.

Golden State

This Golden State by Marit Weisenberg - Poppy's family has been on the run her whole life. Wondering what their secrets are, she sends in for a DNA test. When the results come back, her world cracks wide open. Sequoyah.


The Changeling by Victor LaValle


Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino


My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones


A Dowry of Blood by S.T. Gibson

All of these last ones are for my kid. They have a Patreon where they review horror media. For $5 a month, people have access to those reviews. I have no intention of reading these books.



A Mystery of Mysteries: The Death and Life of Edgar Allan Poe by Mark Dawidziak - Great joy in the morning! This book is on its way to me now! We'll see how soon I get to read it.


Love, Pamela by Pamela Anderson - I have a huge girl crush on Pamela Anderson. I love people who are regularly underestimated because of how they look. Marilyn Monroe was this way too.


Spearhead: An American Tank Gunner, His Enemy, and a Collision of Lives in WWII by Adam Makos - Welp, I can't say I'm real stoked to read this one, but it's on the list, so I'll give it a sniff.

Forgery of Roses

A Forgery of Roses by Jessica S. Olson - A young woman has the ability to change people's bodies by painting them. Obviously she has to keep this a secret to protect herself and her sister. But the governor's wife finds out and blackmails her to resurrect her dead son by painting him. But it doesn't look like it was a natural death, and someone is out to make sure he doesn't come back. Sequoyah.


Wrecked by Heather Henson - Miri and her dad live in rural Kentucky where her dad is a heroin dealer. Miri likes the new kid in town, but his dad is an FDA agent. Drama! Sequoyah.

Love Radio

Love Radio by Ebony LaDelle - This is a romance about 2 black kids who have it all together and have dreams and ambitions. It's nice to see a story about black people being black people, not about them being poor black people. Sequoyah.


All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir - This is a story about 2 kids who are the children of immigrants. Sal is trying to save his parents' motel and Noor is hiding the fact that she's applying to college to get away from their small town and her abusive uncle. They used to be best friends, but they had a big fight. Now they have to figure out how to put that aside to overcome new issues. Sequoyah.

African Town

African Town: Inspired by the True Story of the Last American Slave Ship by Irene Latham and Charles Waters - In 1860, the slave ship Clotilda brought the last load of Africans to Atlanta Georgia. Sequoyah.

Lone Women

Lone Women by Victor LaValle


Pinata by Leopoldo Gout

These are for my kid. They are horror. No thank you.

Alrighty. Did you make it through? Congratulations!