May 2, 2024

April '24 Wrap Up Pt. 2

After my last wrap up, I finished exactly 1 book.

Everyone On This Train Is a Suspect by Benjamin Stevenson - You may remember that I started this one in March on audiobook and just couldn't find time or the will to listen to it. I put it on hold at the library and was prepared to way the 4 months it would take to get to me, when I remembered I had an eARC of it from NetGalley. I whipped out my Kindle and finished it with a quickness. It's really funny. It's a bunch of mystery authors on a train for a writers' conference. One guy dies and the mystery writers are on the case. Not surprisingly, they all have something to hide.

And that's it. I read something nearly every day, but I didn't manage to finish anything else.