Oct 28, 2022

Friday Reads 10/28/22

Here we are at the last Friday of October. I have one book left on my TBR. I've been reading it all week, but I'm still not even half way through it. Work

Oct 27, 2022

November 2022 TBR

Ok. It is time. I have been working on this TBR for weeks. I'm excited to get it in print and make it official. BOOK CLUB The Christie Affair by Nina De Gramont

Oct 25, 2022

Witchy Books for Halloween

I was going to do a post on all the scary books on my TBR that I wish I could have squeezed in this spooky season. But then I realized that a large

Oct 24, 2022

Goodreads Update Oct 2022 Pt 2

Remember how at my last GR update, I only had 3 books? This one is even shorter! I'm beginning to think something is wrong. Anyway, here we go. Craven Manor by Darcy Coates

Oct 21, 2022

Friday Reads 10/21/22

It's Friday. The first full week of working full time since my surgery. Status: I'm doing ok. I have book club tonight and I'm giving a speech tomorrow morning. So it's a good

Oct 20, 2022

October '22 Library Update

I realize it's only October 20, but the way the days fall I need to go ahead and do this library update now. The interesting thing is that I even have anything to

Oct 14, 2022

Friday Reads 10/14/22

Friday again. It's my last Friday off because of my surgery. In fact, it's my last day of short term disability. Sigh. I had a good run. Anyway, let's talk about my reading

Oct 13, 2022

October Reading Wrap Up Pt. 1

We are almost halfway through October and I have been reading! I better get this done now so it's not a massive job at the end of the month! Jane Austen: A Literary

Oct 11, 2022

October Goodreads Update, Pt. 1

I might be jumping the gun just a little bit, but I wanted to do an update on my TBR now. I went through and removed about 40 books from my to-read shelf

Oct 7, 2022

Friday Reads 10/7/22

And just like that, it is Friday again. Here are my plans for reading this coming week. I will be working 4 days next week so not a lot of reading happening then,

Oct 5, 2022

Books That Got Me Into Reading

Today's Top 5 Wednesday Topic is books that got me into reading. I don't remember not reading. I was reading before I was creating conscious memory. Apparently. Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories

Oct 3, 2022

Sep. 2022 Wrap Up Pt. 2

Now that we are solidly in October, it's time to tell you what I read in the second half of September. Grab a snack. It's a lot of books. The Chosen and the